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Our Foundations

"God is love. God loves us. He gave Jesus to be our Saviour. All who believe in Him receive forgiveness; life with God in time and for eternity. We love because He loves us. The purpose of the Lord's Food Bank is to share God's love by sharing the bread of the earth and the bread of life Jesus Christ, who meets our spiritual and physical needs in time and for eternity."


To relieve poverty by operating a food bank, soup kitchen, and overnight shelter for those who are in need.


Neighbours Helping Neighbours. Sharing God's Kindness.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


a. We aim to do all things with integrity and honesty; being faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to us. 

b. We recognize that poverty as a consequence of human brokenness is complex; there are no simple answers. We treat all people with dignity and respect, reserving judgement, and extending compassion.

c. We believe that Christ is present with us as we serve Him by serving the least of these.

d. We have hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to renew and transform lives, and so give opportunity for the Christian message to be heard, and for people to receive prayers for their situation.

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